Current Board Meeting Schedule for 2022 is:

March 26th   June 11th  August 20  October 22   December 10th

Proposed changes to our documents all passed and are being reviewed by attorney

2019 Annual Meeting  Minutes

  • Allen Gilbert- President
  • Tommy Smith-Vice President
  • Janet Hueners-Secretary
  • Arline Layson
  • Karen Robinson-Architectural Review
  • Baxter Peffer Treasurer
  • Tracey Brookshire

Architectural Review Members

Karen Robinson-Board Representative

Peter Fosl

Bruce Taylor

Mike Karustary

Baxter Peffer- Board Representative

Barnett Taylor-advisor

850 Mallery Street, SSI, GA 31522

912-638-3392-Onsite Office (Clubhouse)

912-223-6109 -American Dream SSI Property Management and Sales

1331 Ocean Blvd, Suite 101, SSI

2021 Board of Directors

March 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

August 20, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes